First Night Booked 😎

Yea – first night on the Mountain booked!

8 km outside of SJPP – it’ll be a busy day flying from Manchester to Southampton (wait 45 minutes) take off again – land in Biarritz….doc

Pause for breath

Catch a bus to the rail station – train to SJPP – arrive 4 PM short walk up the mountain to start my Camino seriously!


Here is my first Alberques . The Orisson refuge !

First Ramblings

Home with Coffee and dogs after a walk round the park  on a balmy August morning. Discussing , Listening , Playing , Planning  – ……. to abandon this domestic idyll and walk 500 Miles across France and Spain . The rationality behind this – is slim – but it’s there nevertheless .

Putting this blog together now and adding to it where wifi is available . Catch you later