Pains & Gains

Pain – it’s not the steps – it’s the floors

Other than that. – all good : Knees fine : Back has to be good – I posted the weight lifting belt home 🏡!

The Gains :-

Part of the “Spirit ” of the Camino

From left – Brigitta / Hungary / Vienna , Moi , Wee Ned , Johnny from Scotland who (of course ) is known now as Johnny Walker ! , Carmen via Rumania and now Sweden . All lovely people !

And finally – just getting here via some lovely Medieval Villages . Xxx

7 thoughts on “Pains & Gains

  1. Hi dada hope your having an amazing time on the Camino! I saw your knew post and they were fantastic! Got to go as I need to comment on your next post before it’s time to go to bed.xxxxxx


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