Estalla + Pain & Gain # 2

Firstly – Pain – I just found the stats from the first days walk – St Jean to Roncevalles a real baptism of fire – for ref’- one floor is 10ft approx’ – I thank my fellow walkers for the amount of times I stopped with an overweight pack .

And the Gain – back to today – Estella main Square- the Happiest Man after 25k with hills in 28c

With our extended walking group :-

Internatiōnalè. – L to R – Facts a tad Hazy

Brigitta- multi lingual tour manager

John – Asda Manager Eastbourne

Forgot to ask – lovely girl

2 metre – Sven from Denmark

Moi – x

Jane – literary genius

Warren – Kiwi – Travel & Gambling Expert

Carmen – Retired Gym teacher – Sweden


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