A Day …. where nothing happened😳

I suppose it’s a good counterbalance to yesterday.

Dusty – long , humid , foot injuries ( others) , not so scenic , people silent as we past 25k – heading for 31k – digging deep to make it . The last hour a real slog .

So it’s a good time to include some of the things that happened on other days that got missed from busier blogs .

The free wine fountain …. as we pass a working Winery / from Thurs …. yes really …

The REAL price of a night from the “stand up and eat” bars in Spanish provincial towns …..

The endless vines – mind you it’s a bit special grabbing a bunch of ripe Rioja grapes – splashing precious drinking water over – and then eating along the way .

– La Vie en Rose🙏🏽

Or simply – Crossing a border , Spains most er hum ” Authentic ” Bull silhouette, or horsing about with signs and fountains.

… gets you through the long pelegrinōs day .


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