Hemingway Sunday Edit # 1

This will have to be an Edit as it started as simply as a long day could – our first 30km … AND … my 23rd wedding anniversary !! -❤️- Lovely to talk to Ciara .

But it ended in Logroño – the capital of Rioja via a day to remember ……. via this at 8.00am – Hodo singing in a Bodega in Tiny Torres Del Rio not for any tourist reason – just because ……

And meeting up with Vanessa – who is a Logorno local and will meet up with my group in the future – when i return to UK

Followed by arriving in Viano – it didn’t look much in approach – but turned out to be the best little town in Spain so far – on Fiesta Day …….. including ……..

Running the Bulls ……..

And if that looks close here’s a sequence that is best called Going , Going .*%<*! That was a tad close 🔥😳

Followed by carnival . dancing ……

Wedding Anniversary Cava !!

And then as we tried to leave Viana we were invited by a very insistent table of local people in a backstreet to join them. They would not accept no for an answer and English reserve was soon overcome with Rioja and Fab Lamb

It took a while to reach our destination.

But it was such a. Day .!!!


Fave Pinchos – / Tapas – a glass of Crianza and 2 dishes for 3.5€ xx

And farewell to our Rugby friends from La Rochelle this morning as they leave for home . We’ll miss Gills , Claud and John Pierre .

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