Camino People …..

When the way is unremarkable – it’s the people who make it ….

Heather Goodall and Carine – Fabulous Ladies – with a great take on life through their Quaker beliefs – of which Heathers family tree goes back to very early Quackers.

Our MorMor – Swedish for Grandma- the wonderful Carmen ! – 62 retired teacher with 4 grandchildren ! – who has overcome incredible hardships .

One of my favourite Typical Camino conversations was with her as we discussed French literature in English with this Swedish woman Who is originally from Romania – whilst we were in Spain!

She says hello to families Kristiansson,Taylor and my husband Valle❤️

Everyone relies on this next character – again her Camino story just fills me with admiration for her resilience. Brigitta from everywhere – Hungary via Switzerland via Vienna and ………. here with the Ace Papa Smurf and eternal 9 month of the year traveller

BTW – we all say Hi to Brigittas’ Mum who’s following this at home – Szia Mama Magyar ! – Tereza ❤️❤️

And this guy – who just came and gave us fresh peppers and tomatoes with salt when we were having a picnic

Plus the bad influences – Johnny Uk , Heather from LA – film trailer production , Ken from Sydney . I have a first bad head this morning after the NO LABEL €1.5 a bottles of Rosé ( yes less than €2 😘🔥😳) last night . Thanks for that !

I thinks this last selfie of Heather and Lorenzo taken when they grabbed my phone just about sums up the evening !

And lastly yesterday was my one-week Camino anniversary and Fitbit emailed me this report. 😘😘catch you later. Everyone has covered this same distance .

3 thoughts on “Camino People …..

  1. What rich company, they look such a great group of people. I’m especially liking the look of Papa Smurf! He looks as though he’d have some interesting stories. Mucho love ❤️ to you and the gang. Happy stomping. X


  2. What a wonderful group of people, I can only imagine the interesting conversations you’ve all had around a nice, albeit cheap bottle of red ….. what an experience this has been for you and it’s been marvellous being part of your blog ….. keep on keeping on, one foot in front of the other you never quite know what your walking too 👍🚶🏽


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