Ice Cold in Burgos

From Atapuerca before Sun Up was a good move for our timetable ….. but crystal clear and very cold – somehow the palaeolithic hills at dawn made 10,000 BC seem current day .

It’s become habit to add a stone to little creations left in our path and I couldn’t resist this one for my distant family. Hey All 🖖!

The temp’ lifted a little and this work of thousands and now me , added a reflective moment to the climb.

The immediate climb of 1500 metres was actually welcome to warm us up and fuel the 4500 Daily Calorie usage that the big breakfast and huge hug from the lovely Chilean landlady at our Alberque had provided.

I’ve played “hold the moon ” with Ciara and the babies on holidays over the years – Here’s the Sun version with Carmen and Brigitta , a memorable early light .

Of course the objective driven members of our walking group weren’t waiting around for any of this New Age nonsense .

Until we met up for a 2nd breakfast of champions – Cookie , Café , Soberano .


And good spirits restored. A really happy band . L to R .

Warren , Carinne , Moi , Heather 1 , Heather 2 , Ken , John , Brigitta , Carmen , Mr South Africa , and Lorenzo on the floor . 11 people – 8 countries (Normal )

Short day at least gets us into Burgos by 1.30 to the Huge but really well organised 150 bed Municipal Alberque . Boxed bed bunks , loads of ( relative) privacy – rather like a Japanese business hotel .

But Burgos ! ….. could easily spend 2 days here .

I’ll do something separate on groups breaking up and reforming another time – but today Heather and Carinne go home. A real shame – we’ll miss them . They are doing a talk when they get home and we’re included as Positive upbeat Camino folk – a recording of our limited repertoire of walking songs ( mainly – in fact only – Yellow Submarine due to vast number of nationalities) . The Wild Rover 🎶 is currently in production . 😳

A top band in the Square – El Sur Del Norte made emotive songs as the afternoon progresses into more break ups as ………

….. The German Folk leave – Stuttgart and Berlin – they could only carve out 2 weeks doing St Jean to Burgos. . It’s been good to have handshakes and stories in random bars . Wherever we went they’d been there hours . 🍻🍺

Such is the exciting life on the way – THERES A CURFEW – lights out at 10.00pm and out before 8.00am . But still the nightlife functions really well .

Here in the common room tonight . Beer machine after tapas .Cans at 80cents for St Miguel keeps chat on for an extra 30 mins .

Before ….. ……. …… Click !!!


10 thoughts on “Ice Cold in Burgos

  1. Have you burnt your nose? Must be sad to say goodbye to some of your new buddies. Talk of extremes – we’ve been up in the mountains to get away from the heat of Tokyo……30 degrees to 14!!! Not sure my small bag of clothing stretches to such varieties!! Love you as always, SS xxx


  2. Wow, what a day. Hope your thermal top played its part!😬Burgos looks interesting. Sad to say goodbyes to pals ☹️ Cannot believe 2 weeks have passed. Really looking forward to seeing you soon. Tons of love ❤️


  3. what an I ncredible journey, feels like you’re having an amazing trip and as always you’re so positive.
    Burgos is Beautiful isn’t it, I’m guessing you decided against having a rest day there?
    Must be sad to say goodbye to some of your fellow peregrinos, I’m sure you’ll keep in touch though.
    I’m just reading a book called Santiago Tales by Joan Fallon so I’m living the Camino as you walk it.
    I’m definitely going to Follow in your footsteps before too long.
    Keep up the fabulous journey and I’ll check back in another few days to see where you’ve got to.
    Take care and stay positive.


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