High Plains Drifter .

Day behind Blogging – this is yesterday:-

From Burgos in a chilly dawn and surprisingly quickly into the meseta central, the central plateau of Spain, or high plains of Castile.

People , Places start to Mix as tiredness takes over and a series of 32k days Start .

This one starts with an excellent LGBTQ 6.30 am meeting with a 4 x Camino character – the Tiger Lady outside a desayounos / breakfast bar near Burgos Cathedral . Lovely Lady .

I started the day having THE most fascinating conversations with The “Professor” ( Engineering) Mr Roger White . An incredibly accomplished man – 82 !! Good Pace too – Respect.

Band caught us up and we visited the simplest but most moving little chapel so far . This kind and serene girl gave me a small medallion from her chapel and I just about kept from full tears .

The Mesteta continues with high climbs and remarkable stark views

Lawrence / Lorenzo from Lithuania catches up and kindly posed this shot for Brigitta’s Mum Tereza and Auntie . She’s 5’5″ just to give you an idea here . 😲

There follows the finest impromptu lunch on the side of the road . Never happier than sat on the kerb with Chorizo , Cheese & 250ml Campo Viejo Crianza .

New faces but known for a week now in pic 2 below are Hayley and friend from Silicon Valley . Awesome girls – wicked sense of humour.

Gutter Gourmet 😝

And Roger – ( 1935 remember ! ) catches up . !!

30k of dusty contemplative tracks later – Hontanas appears , our bed for the night , sheltered in a valley from the stark Meseta winds and Sun . You can’t see the village from the plains until you are 100 metres from the valley edge

Top dinner table ( still €10 remember) with Argentina, Chile , Columbia adding zest to our already crammed Internatiōnalè.

A tad hazy after this .

See you tomorrow 6.00 am 😫. xxxx

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