Even a desert has its moments.

And so it is with the Meseta . Can’t believe it but it’s growing on me . Covered 25k today – didn’t notice it passing . 3 splinter groups joined up and songs started – thought we were the only musical ones !

Ken from the Sydney School of Performing Arts 🎭 – what a voice ! His “Stand by Me” 🎶 as we marched was another Camino moment. ( A Good One Ken !)

A Day that starts like this can’t be bad …

Through villages like San Nicholas Del Real Camino . With welcoming cafes.. open early to supply the fuel Spain runs on . Strong and Black ☕️ – with fresh Tortilla. It’s a real habit now !

And Cross into Castilla y Leon . The way runs alongside the Autovia for a mile .I got a few looks as the signs to Leon started to appear as it’s my jumping off point . We’ve all agreed to block it from our minds xx

Into Sahagun – no longer cold now ! . Great City Gates – proud Knights Templar tradition.

Could not believe my luck when the coffee stop was a self styled “Irish Tavern” . Guinness and Tapas / Pinchon – Ecstatic 😘

( Yes – that’s the Look 👀)

Great to see Mira again . Has a great laugh with her Spanish/ Italian crew this week . Wonderful girl – She is a one women rescue squad

…… Why ? …

20 Mins later here she is operating – full kit , sterile needles , anaesthetic, threading blisters and repairing feet for our Danish friend Rekke outside the Bar . Mira is a fellow traveller , one of us , everyone helps.

Not really mentioned this before – as it’s such a common daily occurrence. EVERYONE – asks , checks , discusses wrecked feet . Gory stories are relished . Many have gone home because it’s got so bad . We have a resourceful band and avoided this – but it’s all part of the experience.

One Man Cliché Time . Heather rolls up ( author of the excellent FB post yesterday) . Has seen my denial of Irish Heritage in yesterday’s blog . NOW CATCHES ME DRINKING GUINESS IN AN IRISH TAVERN.!! Thinks me a double liar – but shares the moment and the pint. Top Girl !

Serious “Hasta La Vista” moment ensues as I’m dragged back to the next 15 km stretch . ” I’ll be back “🤣😆😘🤣😘

Only in Rural Spain can this happen in a large town – bloody hysterical !

Thought of staying here but after 18 days Hiking – I’m sore enough 😂😇

Made it in record time to Bercianos Del Real Camino . Found unknown Albergue- “Bercianos 1900” only open 2 weeks – a real oasis.

Previously never arrived mid afternoon at the nights rest stop – so made the most of it .

Top – the Gorgeous Miss H . McClure.

Middle – L to R – Moi , Brigs, Warren NZ, Anna -Germany, Rekke – Denmark , Mira ( being bought a Cannã / beer after her life saving ops earlier)

Bottom – Massage and Animated End of a Days teamwork.

And finally Heinz from East Germany required help with some South Korean translation. Happy to help Heinz😆.

Night All xxxxx

3 thoughts on “Even a desert has its moments.

  1. Can only imagine the state of all your feet …… looking remarkably like Sting at the moment ( that lean look going on ) you’ve dropped weight with all the walking, how many days left now, you seem to have been walking weeks 😱


  2. Well Mr. H Rambling, I agree with Deb you’re looking very chiselled. We will have to find some way of you sustaining this level of activity on a daily basis once you return 😜What adventures, I’m very envious..
    Love you, see you soon. Xxx


  3. Ha! So much goodness in this post. Was a dynamic and lovely day. And thank you very much for keeping to your word in putting that pretty little pic of me up on here. 🤓


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