Half Way

With the medieval GPS a little hazy I either passed the half way mark this morning or definitely by the time I reached tonight’s stop.

This stage is reputedly one of the toughest – As there is largely nothing to distract from each step – and a 30k hike to Moratinos (Pop’ 12 + Livestock ) forces you to consider why you’re here ( maybe a tad introspective for me ) or look on each of the 45,000 steps a day like this requires as an opportunity to appreciate what’s happening around you . ( more me !👍)

Here’s what a fellow traveller Heather McClure from Santa Monica US posted tonight – you’ve seen her pic on this blog before. Hope you can read it – it’s fab .

A good start – breakfast in Carrion de Los Condes ( Fuel up or your legs are useless within 2 hours !! )

Start in the Dark .

Some Panoramas from Heather . Who calls me “Irish Ian” and greets me with “Top of the …….. ” fill in time of day / occasion/ Drink here . No idea why – and am not going to dissuade her now 🤣

Of the 3 measures for the Camino Frances I’m going with 820k – it covers me for sightseeing and meandering .

So today is a big day !!! 🎶🍷🇪🇸👣 – half way – woo hoo 🍻✌🏼

Past Vast Monasteries

And out again into the Meseta – and then ………….. Nada , Nowt , Nothing for 7 hours .

Of course ….. relieved by the convo’ ,the common humour and in jokes of the – by now – symbiotic travelling band .

A photo you take when bored …..

A welcome late lunch and Beer …

Joined by Rikke from Denmark 🇩🇰 on the way to meet boyfriend in Santiago and then off to surf in Finisterre together .

3 more hours to …. days end

In Montanilla – this is our Hostal – one up from an Alberque- € 14 Euros ( flash eh ?) a comfortable haven for hot shower and chill should give us a shorter day tomorrow.

Surrounded by old Bodegas for wine storage. Hobbit Houses !

And ending with THE most bizarre “Camino Moment” . 3 Japanese pilgrims gave an impassioned impromptu performance in the Hostal common room.

Get this – somehow they have a BIWA with them – a Japanese musical instrument. – heavy to carry I suppose .

Each song introduced with care by this man .

Happy to be here . Totally bizarre and wonderful – i have video . They love the fact my Sister Kate is in Tokyo and will also see this !

Night all

3 thoughts on “Half Way

  1. Can’t believe they carried an instrument throughout the journey! Say ‘Ohayo gozaimasu’ from me! It’s not rude, I promise! How many more days of walking? 2? So lovely to speak to you on Monday from my Ivory Tower! Love you, SS


  2. So beautifully written and heart felt Heather. What a remarkable journey. Ian I know you’ll start getting emotional now. Prepare your pals for the farewells. So looking forward to seeing you. X


  3. Wonderful insight from your walking comrade Heather, I think this post on your blog has to be the most raw and interesting so far and you’ve posted some great ones….. memories that will stay with you forever


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