Pamplona – Lunchtime- No Bull

The trail to Pamplona is remarkable but arriving there is so much more.

The fortified old city walls …..

To be met by classic medieval streets and noise of fellow travellers, bars , scooters , ……. fab Jamon Iberico – and olives

And of course the sublime and ridiculous

And only this Bull today – I think I could easily out run this one 🤣

Pains & Gains

Pain – it’s not the steps – it’s the floors

Other than that. – all good : Knees fine : Back has to be good – I posted the weight lifting belt home 🏡!

The Gains :-

Part of the “Spirit ” of the Camino

From left – Brigitta / Hungary / Vienna , Moi , Wee Ned , Johnny from Scotland who (of course ) is known now as Johnny Walker ! , Carmen via Rumania and now Sweden . All lovely people !

And finally – just getting here via some lovely Medieval Villages . Xxx