Galicia – Where ?

….. 2 words – Green Spain 🇪🇸

Think Portugal and up a bit. Or Ireland and down a lot, which isn’t quite as daft as it sounds:

It’s here …..

It is very much part of Europe’s Celtic fringe. Mists, mystical religion and a rugged coastline reveal its connections with Brittany, Scotland, Wales and Ireland . There are even rumours of red hair and bagpipes! – can’t confirm as yet .

Days were on here are 28th , 29th , 30th and 31st Sept

My roving reporters FEED ME news …. A new career awaits them !

We start with Brigs and Carmen leaving O Cebreiro at dawn heading for Triacastela on Thurs 28th . High altitude sunrise and chilly start – just beautiful.

An 18k day – as Mountainous terrain up to 4,500ft – a degree of exhaustion beginning to show after a month of non stop progress.

The days always cooler to start in the famous Galician mist .

With livestock as Brigitta passes

But any effort is more than made up by a good Alberqué . We head down into the valley to Triacastela ( How many castles do you think it has ? 🤣 )

– and Alb’ Atrio was a life saver – just fab . Happy Smiles ….. great food . It all helps . 😊☺️🙂


Friday starts cool & Misty . Today’s journey is to just beyond Sarria .

Smiling I suspect through the pain

A day of “let’s just get through it” ends crossing the Pelegrínos bridge into Sarria

Where some serious refreshments are in order – we deserve it ! … But before this – the serious job of organising the famous “wash line” 😆

….. now this is what’s needed ….

and as it’s almost Oktoberfest . Here’s the girls response ! Grande Cerveza each …… Respect ✊

Spirits lifted


Saturday and the start of the way from Sarria to Portomarin . The last 113 K into Santiago and where many additional pilgrims start as this is the least distance you can do to gain your certificate of pilgrimage.

Breakfast starts : The oddest places some days.

Lunch improves with Gambas – nice !

Which Helps as our knees are on fire – especially on long stretches like this!

And happy to rest at the end of the day ….

As we arrive into Portomarin

With only 90k left to do ….. !!

Hope this keep the Internatiōnalè families up to date .

If you are reading this – add a comment as to who and where ? Is good to know who’s following the blog

Xxxxxx Ian

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