To León and Beyond

Getting here was fun – especially at 180 MPH – love these trains …

….. and starting where I left off in Sept – was a must – # Camino Law No 1 – …. here on this same bar .

……… 6.00 am came with that first steps anticipation from the Alberque – waking way before the Sleeping city .

….. heading for trad’ breakfast of coffee and tortilla

… taking Trek advice from one who’s been here before me ……

……. and onwards to a compulsory stop 20 k further on …

Before the first nights stop in a village near St Martin called Villavente.

A tough first day …..,,,,

that creates its own reward of hearty food and iced beer at Alberque St Lucia – deserted this night – 5 good people only as the Pamplona / St Fermin wave is still two days behind me.

and bed by 9.30 before curfew lights out .


2 thoughts on “To León and Beyond

  1. Great photos & seriously comfortable looking beds ( NOT!) – were you giving out ear plugs?? Is 32km going to be the norm? Well done my boy xxxxx


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