The Final Countdown

……a milestone – for sure ! …. that’s the last 100k . A popular route & distance for people wanting a taster of the Camino .

…… taking my leave after a second night here at extraordinary La Casona de Sarria –

A warm farewell from entrepreneurs – Marcela , Pamela and Silvana . Great company 😘

And a new bike to replace the last one #seenthefuture 👌 #teslabike — rockhopper ✅

I now have the finest foot kit on Camino – and with one final check ………

With the help of a new pair of “LikeNikes” 😆 to replace the boots ….

…… after the England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 game – it’s a judgement call when I meet the only Croatian guy for 100 miles !! But with Google translate we agree it was a hard won result and extended the hand of friendship …… ( he’s at least trying to look sad for me 🤣)

…… onwards – see Tatiana and Kenny – she’s in difficulty- cant walk . I take her Backpack to her overnight stop 12 k further on –

Where she and Kenny …….

Treat me to a massive Breakfast BLT mmmm

Their Camino ends here – she can’t go on – they catch the Bus to Santiago . I’ll miss them

Open invite to their homes in Paris and the South of France🙏🏽💕

25 k further reach Portomarin and see Carolina crossing the long river bridge and as always on the way happy to meet up with Sara – teacher from Malaga

…. then again – Donna from Tas’ shows up – it’s a real part of the Way that people in the same wave – even days apart – keep meeting . Great lunch .

Amazing – choice €10 inc 🍺!

As I’m on the bike a take the way a further 18k through streams , rocky paths and dirt tracks ( it can take it )

To a lovely overnight stop at St Xulien .

and spend a proper wild evening with David in the shades – Harvard Business school – and Oligiér – of a proud Spanish / German / Tangiers family super bright guys

Tough to get up after this 👀 … but onward. Medieval bridges

Wooded paths and fords through streams – lovely

And regular bars – a feature of the last 100k route .

And beautiful 8th century churches – I have time to see them all now rather than pressing on when on foot .

I see little Frederika – Hamburg – we gave her a birthday party 2 days ago – …. she’s had amazing unlikely adventures ( Raves , Danger sports , Techno🎶 festivals 😮 ! ) in retirement .

And reach Melidé about 2 days out from Santiago .

It’s early but the cafe culture fills up soon after …….

….. and who says I can’t have peaches , Santiago cake and a Canã – small beer for breakfast! 👌

…….. last 40 k ……. it’s getting close .

⛪ ⛪

7 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. Well my lovely, what a fabulous adventure.
    Love the blog! Lovely pics and happy people!
    Can’t wait to see you soon. Keep it coming!😘


  2. Wow being on a bike must give you more opportunities to appreciate everything that passes you that you may not be able to see on foot. Have a great time on your walkies pappy chulo!!!!!!


    • Jescabean!! 💕 – you are SOO right . I cover twice the distance in half the time . I am seeing so many places and Steep trails , and you’d love shooting through the streams on a bike – shouting Buen Camino ! Or Lo Siento – as I splash through . Everyone loves “the Way” and gets on as best friends . Love your joke “Puppy Chulo” 🤣🤣🤣🤣


  3. Great commentary as ever. Down in Dorset with 2 of your nieces ( Katie & Issy) plus Tom, Jamie, Phil, Will & Hayley. Missing you xxx


  4. Well done Ian your doing well…sorry to hear about your foot but it looks quite fun on the bike anyway! Also more time to look around 😎


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