🇯🇵 Opposites 😸

It’s a tough call to find a suitable word that could span a city that has so many opposites. This is 48 hours in a city that’s open 48 hours a day 😮🇯🇵💪.

Shibuya : The worlds busiest crossroads:- https://youtu.be/Od6EeCWytZo

Where with drone tech’ you can play spot the English tourist 😁

From the top of this building ………

And this is a quiet day !

From this to ……… calm

Within 5 Mins on the Metro ……… To Tokyo’s version of Camden only quieter , Quirky Pavement Cafés , Vintage clothes shops……

…… and then a short step back to the madness – ramping up the blinding colour , noise and just plain singular weirdness of ” Harajuku ” area with the Harajuku girls and boys ( same gear naturally ) – befriended by Katie Perry , Madonna and Gwen Stefani

The entrance , the people , the focused concentration of life & commerce ….. exhausting and compelling equally.

And …. ( breathe out ) …… another short Metro ride with a reasonable metaphor for life 😉

…… swings again to the polar opposite ……

The peace of Koishikawa Korakuen Park ….. where the very first signs of 🌸Sokura !!🌸 ….. 🌳 cherry blossom are showing and across other public parks this puzzlingly leads to rare public displays of mass enthusiasm, Vast picnics , groups of friends in the parks and mandatory drinking of Jim Bean bourbon from 3 litre plastic containers. ……..

And ……… as if the implied theme here is that Tokyo is a roller coaster of a city – they oblige my metaphor with building one ! – bottom left photo on top of buildings !! 😮

On the way to watch baseball a National Japanese Obsession – and the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants win at home against the Chiba Lotte Marines 👏

Where they gained 2 new fans !!

Before you have time to understand the rules of Baseball and have learnt the Japanese for beer 🍺- ( Biru ) and Hot Dogs 🌭 ( Hotta Dogga) …. I kid you not 🤣……. it’s quite a simple language really .

It’s just time left to experience Tokyo Port and a Dinner cruise ……..

Again my 10 word / 1000 gesture linguistic skills appear to bridge the minor cultural chasms 🤪

And ……. so to bed ….. tomorrow the real business of this trip starts . Packing my to backpack 🎒 and the internal ✈️ flight to Shikoku Island . The start of the Japanese Camino in Takamatsu – to start the hike across the Shikoku 88 temple trail .

Until then ………. 👋

6 thoughts on “🇯🇵 Opposites 😸

  1. Hi Ian,
    This once again looks like one of the truely amazing adventures of Ian Harrisson – you manage to put the sum of experiences, a normal person would have in 4 weeks of travelling into one single day… I love to join you on this trip via blog – hoping to make it to Shikoku next spring,
    Big hug from your St-James-way buddy Martin/Germany

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Ian it all sounds so fascinating, you really are lucky to be able to experience this and thank you so much for giving us all an insight into it via your blog, looking forward to the next instalment ……best foot forward now good luck, DD

    Liked by 1 person

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