Day 2 – Rubiães 🇵🇹 to Tui 🇪🇸

We’re excited to see what the day holds – a forecasted 29 degrees means we’re out before 7.00am . The modern Café & Patisserie oddly alone in countryside opposite the Alberqué in Paredés da Coura offers Up first breakfast.

And a “Camino Moment” occurs – 7.30 am – far too early for this – BUT – I’m intrigued to find from the milestones that I’m sharing my way with several other routes most thrillingly- the “Via Romana” – Santiago has a mere AD 800 birthdate – this is the full 2000 years old . Bridges and cobbled roadways set with 1/2 ton stones worn by a million feet and iron shod carts.

The early – pre 11.00am steps are fine ……

…… after this soaring temperatures mean we all seek frequent shady recovery moments. 🙏

Passing humorous Alberques who share the distances to our goals as well as the origins of their guests .

Before we enter Valenća and cross the bridge into Tui and Spain 🇪🇸!! . Never tired of the “half in – half out” game 🤣

I recall the first time I crossed a border – amazed at an ACTUAL difference a simple line could make. In this case it’s not simply cultural – its also Climate , Soil , Vegetation: ~ { Lush to Dry } – …….. this being Galicia it won’t be dry for long .

It’s been way too long a day – harder even than the first days ascent. The final 30 mins is desperate, hot , silent , trudge .

We’re staying in the old town of this medieval city . Highest Street , Top Building , Top Floor , …. it’s a killing last few metres .

BUT ……. I’m astonished at how a couple of hours rest and some crisp , cold Albariño wine wipes that memory away

A good dinner …with some great company – Ciaras’ Australian possé – Jean and Geraldine -.

and some far reaching views from the restaurant terrace ……

………… ends the day on the roof of our Pension – right next to the Cathedral with Jess and I – A 💕 lovely moment

To make it fair on ‘Bel & Jess – I’ve already changed tomorrow’s plans – late breakfast , half the distance , picnic lunch and a cool river walk. – got to keep Morale high !



4 thoughts on “Day 2 – Rubiães 🇵🇹 to Tui 🇪🇸

  1. How Fabulous, the girls seem to holding up well for you and and I have no doubt Ciara is in fine energetic spirts ….. looking forward to hearing about day 4 of the Team Harrison expedition x
    Love to you all


  2. Bless them. Still smiling and looking amazingly scrubbed up to say they have to carry all they want to wear! Big hugs to my beautiful nieces & fab Sis in law….and of course, Big Bro xxxxx


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