Day 5 : The Way to Pontevedra 🏰

We leave “The Goat ” just after Sun Up and head through Arcade which is again a place you could spend a few Hours getting to know – but it’s getting hotter each day and we find the girls are getting uncomfortable by 1.00pm so plan to walk Sun Up to Lunch each day with plenty of stops , hotels with pools and still cover our planned Camiño route .

Arcade ( Arr-Car-Da ) . We’re here by 8.00am ; Entirely downhill From Alto Blanca – There is – however a downside to this upside ( or is it the other way round 😆) Meanwhile its a fine small medieval town …..

With a dozen bars open for Desayunó . Cool by the river at this time .

And sure enough the downside is evident as we head up and up through the villages leaving the river valley . Ciara & Jess here.

Things have to get pretty tough to call in the “Pole-Train” . The ultimate in motivational 6 wheel drive . 🎶 Singing Yellow Submarine 🎶 helps too 👍😉

Terrain soon flattens out as shade returns and a chance for a break in tbe woods.

And we finally reach Pontevedre . Early enough for a long lunch and the Junior Hiker Award 🥇/ Motivation Carrot is soon revealed . ………..

The girls have tried so far this trip (In order – starting with the Simplest )

Alberque ✅

Hostal ✅

Hotel ✅

What’s left ? ……..

Parador ✅

Tbe Barons House in Pontevedre . As far as their Camiño – a mid point , high point

A lush base to explore another characterful town .Designed over centuries to beat the heat – Cool squares, Fountains, Shady Bars and Places of quiet contemplation.

Sleep 💤 never an issue when the last thing you see from your window is this . 💕🙏


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