Day 6 : Hot Foot to Caldas da Reis

You can see that one of the main influences that is changing our daily routine is the amazing weather – with that comes some unseasonably high temperatures.

We’re talking 10 degrees above average on some days .

At 1.00 pm today ……it was 33 and it ended at 36 degrees by 4.00pm

It’ll be this way for 2 more days – so we plan our days around this ….. 😅

Starting with Breakfast on the trail at 7.00am in a bar with a handy full size Grizzly! – ….. bizarre .

The way takes us through vine shade paths , past simple ancient crosses.

And due to a good pace , by mid morning we were on second breakfast at the Soooo welcome O’Cuthberto Bar / Café.

Here’s what happens when you’re told you’re only 45 mins from your destination , and it’s only 10.30am ! 🤣😆🤣👌

Joy , Happiness and Duck impressions using Pringle crisps 🤣 – Try it !

And something i wouldn’t normally notice but ‘Bel’ & Jess’ thought was remarkable – A horse sheltering a sheep from the heat – inseparable- as the long mares tail waved the flies away .

And onward – Steps lighter knowing we are almost there .

And before you know it – an unknown mid market conference hotel – chosen only for that rare Camiño addition for this trip ……?

A Piscina !! …… one of only two in town – we were all right in there – bloomin’ Marvellous in this climate 😁

I had spoken so enthusiastically about the special treatment Pilgrims receive that we had booked for dinner the Santiago trail version of Menu del Dia.

I’ve got to say that the simple walkers carb and protein loaded 3 courses inc Wine & Coffee was the best served Menu Pelegríño I’ve had . At €9 Euros – we actually felt guilty 😉

Note the wine bottle with no label 😅👍

Card games on the bar after. ( plus the world “connect 4 ” trials ) and we’re done fir the night .

I’m sure Caldas de Reis – has some nice parts . After days like this – with babies in tow – Did we see any ? – NO .

Can’t say I missed it really 💕💕💕


2 thoughts on “Day 6 : Hot Foot to Caldas da Reis

  1. Love the concentration at Game Time! By the way did you admit to the family that I beat you at Connect 4??? Probably helped by the sake I may have made you drink!! Love you all xxxx


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