Lakeland “Tri-athlon”

As long as the word triathlon is used in it ls loosest sense then we’re in business 👏😘. Maybe that should by TRY not Tri – as I’m utterly blessed with misplaced confidence not necessarily the ways to achieve it .

Stage 1 . BLENCATHRA- No it’s not a medical procedure it’s a great humpof rock. A Lakeland Fell – which takes five hours to walk / climb / scamble up over and round it.

Some great views with Si and Estee

It started out SO well 👍

A lot of Amazing early views even after 10 or 20 minutes the Vista opened up beautifully.

Had legs at this stage 🙄

Whilst the view from the summit and the saddle across to the second summit or vantage point – showed a view to Thirlmere and Derwent water is never seen .

With last night’s Barolo 🍷🍷having an unsurprising effect on my energy – (Happy BIG / HUUGE birthday Greg – we stopped for lunch – mine was a surprise made by my youngest Jessica – thanks for that Jess💕- anything that involves chorizo , cheese and beef hulahoop‘s is a winner with me!

During lunch seeing as we were sat on a huge drop-off we were discussing the three different types of vertigo – my view on it is it simply commonsense finally kicking in – as I never suffered from vertigo up until the age of 40!

Taking time to stand and stare

Here’s the Stats after that walk REMEMBER- its not the Km walked its the FLOORS – that kill you

So – this at 3.30 pm

TRY-Athlon stage 2 – Now I had a rush of blood to the head a couple of days ago and decided to make a bit of a tour of this – so as the sensible duo head back to Southport to watch Leeds play some obscure team . I have decided to make a weekend of it and –and take my bike off the rack on the back of the car – swap hiking boots for cycling shoes – Hook up two panniers and away we go heading from Blencathra- 5K outside Keswick – through to Elterwater .

Of course it took longer than I thought – it’s a heavy touring bike – (where is the motor when you need one?) – OF COURSE it RAINED ☔️ ☔️.

But I finally end up here . My legs are like jelly – too late for dinner – I’ve just enjoyed the entire contents of the tea and biscuit tray in the room – Yum 😏

Elterwater Park Guest House

But with views like this you can forgive anything – the showers were Gorgeously Steamy Hot – the bed is super comfy and the silence remarkable.

I’d still have liked dinner though 😠

Tri Stage 3 – TRY To get to the pub ( 10 mins walk they said – LIES ! 😆 and Fail miserably – had to turn back – Night fell like an Anvil through glass . Legs just wouldn’t do it .

I’ve just pre-ordered the largest English breakfast 🍳 – I’m just triple everything – that’ll teach ‘em . I’ll find a place for the 5000 calories I used today 👍🍳👍🍳

It’s been nice dusting off the CaminoRamblings Blog –never really done it for a UK tour before – but with the strangest of strange years – UK tours are really all I’ve got left until the world opens up again.

I hope everyone is well – see you here tomorrow xxx

One thought on “Lakeland “Tri-athlon”

  1. ….no wonder you didn’t answer my call!!! Looks knackering. Are you in possession of the new bike yet, or was that Lukeys old BMX🤣🤣. Bet you slept like a top. Love you xxx


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