☔️ Misty Return 🌧


There’s never been a more appropriate description of today’s arrival at WHW ‘Basecamp’ - Milngavie (Pr “MillGuy” here) 

There’s an unpredictable nature about re-introducing mini adventures that I recall as very achievable – but just exactly how have these pandemic years given me a wishful amnesia. ? …..


Our hotel reception : They moved us to the 1st Floor !😳

🚦 Soooo ….. WHW …. the West Highland Way – I Get to walk and I don’t cross any red/amber borders 🚦 – The distance at 170 km is achievable – but I have no idea what the effect of the elevation will have .

Flatland I can do – but days like the 30Km day on day five after a couple of bumpy 23km’s give me pause for thought. 😏

I want to remind myself why I’m here . Here in my neck of the woods – it’s been ok or as my favourite TV lawyer says it’s “s’aul good man “ – my 4 babies and Ciara are daily rocks of inspiration & joy. Trying to think of an original analogy – for multiple things love & duty for extended family place in front of you – maybe “a storm inside a hurricane inside a cyclone “ – so this lil’ walk gets away from that 🙏

It starts tomorrow- I’ve had a great night in a Glasgow bar with Lukey Boy , watched a fave movie

…. introduction for Gen’ Z to what is amazingly songs they’ve not really heard of 😳

…. and scouted the start for tomorrow

Like I say ……. “DREICH ! “ 😜

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