Journey – V – Destination

On this walk , of course it all about what the day holds for us …. but the amazing scenery lead us to forget you really do need to get a move on …

Here’s what we faced today

……. a good early start with a breakfast of champions 😆

Right Fuel

And with the hotel recognising the needs of each athlete – ……..

Gen Z Breakfast Shake 🤣

To be fair Luke did also have a healthy selection in top of this x . We would need it 8 hours later …..

First though – a slow ascent getting gradually steeper of Conic Hill – that peak on the elevation profile above . A sociable affair as you exchange greetings with groups you’ll see again and again throughout the day.

The glimpses of our first Loch after 2 hours walking spur us on as the forecasted rainy weather fails to appear and we are blessed with an unexpected fine day .

And what a first Loch ! The largest fresh water lake in the UK – 27Sq miles – Loch Lomond reveals its gradually until after 3 hours ……

From the base of Conic Hill

To this spectacular panorama at the top !

You can understand why we let the Journey overcome our destination with views like this .

So without a care for route planning we spent a good hour and a half , chatting , early packed lunch , horsing about , some fab pics , Luke’s camera work …. like these ….

The best Scotland has to offer – loving that cloud pattern .
Dodgy picnic selfie from me 😆😆

And we messed this one up twice due to giggling …. but eventually 😆😆😆😆😆

Took us so long the weather changed between left and right sides 😎

What better place for Lunch 👍👏

…. Got to be the best Lunch on tour – 2 of everything for £6 ! …

Eventually we had to make a move – so behind schedule- but who cared …. we descended to Loch level – and pressed on .

2 hours later we were tempted by views like this – to make a short break into a long one 😆😆. The last of our vast packed lunches ….

As Luke made friends with the local wildlife
Soo Bold 👍💕
What a location ! – and a perfect skimming stones Loch xx

To get to our hotel for the night we now need it to cover 4 Miles 90 minutes of hot, sweaty, and undulating terrain . But we got there – overnight in Rowarden .

The clansmen bar – a renowned walkers meeting point is part of this hotel and a fabulous place for like dinner with more stunning views.

Through our detours we had turned a 23k day into this ! ( better planning tomorrow)


4 thoughts on “Journey – V – Destination

  1. What a day !! Wonderful scenery. I’m so pleased you started your day with low glycemic food 😂🤣 look forward to hearing about today’s adventures. Sending love ❤️


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