🥾”Borneo Professional” 🥾

Back again !! – I really do not like to leave a blog unfinished. So the day in question is the 10th July – a Saturday. Apologies for the pause – but life sends you to other places 🙏sometimes- for the best of reasons.

Due to the Kingshouse having a limited availability due to distancing regs’ they had arranged for a transfer to Ballachulish –overnight and a return in the morning – so we don’t miss a step of the WHW. Ballachulish is on the sea loch – Loch Leven – and even though 20 minutes drive away – for the first time in days we could leave our windows open at night – as on the coast 👏👏NO MIDGES !🤩


I had called ahead 2 weeks ago – and been recommended for dinner – the Laroch Bar . So far – so normal – it sounded like a classic village pub with decent hearty food.

Nice surprise – turns out this restaurant/bar is run by a Michelin starred chef who wanted to return to his home village and took over this redundant pub. Allan and Eileen Donald are earning their star back all over again – amazing menu.


Not your normal “Local”

After a Midge free night we were up early and heading Through the remarkable Glencoe while still mist was low on the hills .

We resisted the Temptation when other hikers got off the minibus at the foot of the Devils Staircase instead of heading 2 miles back to Kingshouse. Two reasons: if you’re walking the WHW you want to cover every step to claim you’ve done it. Also – no one in their right mind would want to tackle the Devils Staircase without a decent walk to warm you up !

A decent warm it is then ….. 2 Miles down Glencoe there’s a sharp right – this is the start of “The Devils Staircase” – I’m amused by the wisdom of Sensei Ciara reaching all this way to the start of our day 👏 . Possibly the stretching secret is Thoms superpower ?

The pace is at least 30% quicker with Thom – fearless , nitro-enthusiasm , fit ….. I can see we’ll make short work of the day if we’re not careful . As I’m reminded by Thom during the day – just to amuse me – “we are quick today dad because you’re with a “Borneo professional“. I must admit the determination and physical resolve it took for Thom to do 10 weeks building and extreme jungle trekking in Borneo some years ago is impressive.

We make a mental note to stop and smell the flowers , talk to the sheep and add some memories for Roddy .

The Devil staircase is a 45° hour long hike which at this time of the day feels a little bit of a killer – but once on top – the view opens up and we start to see the runners from the annual “Great Glencoe Challenge“ – they are 26.2 mile running/walking this terrain ! Respect .

Bonny Day for a Run

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 The Highland Getaway 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

And brews that cater for all tastes. Pint of Moretti and a diet Irn Bru 😁 is not my normal order 😆

Strange Times
Even stranger – Must be the altitude ? my hand appears much larger than normal compared to this bottle of wine 😆
…… last of the evening Sun on the Fell tops . Looking forward to tomorrow xxx

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