First Sight of the Wall

It’s Sunday 26th September – an unusually hot day as the promised deluge ☔️ moves to tomorrow’s forecast .

The stay at the Wormold guest house has been rejuvenating – best beds ! . Jane and Ian’s relaxed style – thoughtful renovations and flexibility with our timings was welcome .

A pity to leave really but the trail beckons and the day is fine . So a fond farewell to Wylam . I’ve decided to keep a record of all the Ian’s I meet – my record is 4 in one week on the West Highland Way. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

First Glimpse of the wall .

I’m sure it will wear off 😁 ….. but for the next few days we are going to be unusually happy to be photographed next to 2000 year old stones.

The first two or three days of this trail is on Rolling countryside before we start to cross the Pennines – that’s where it gets trickier .

But for now calm trails past ancient Oaks is a good introduction

Where the Waymarkers have a distinct ‘Camino’ look to them . But this time our way is the way of the white acorn .

Although the yellow arrow makes me feel at home.

It’s really hot – but Taking the time to meet the locals is always worth it even if one of them gets a bit carried away and tries to have a good crunch on my salty hand.

Thoms friend was better behaved …. 👍💕

We move uphill from here until we stop for lunch at this viewpoint.

With a Packed lunch with a traditional touch- tied up in brown paper and string -delicious.

Coming up the hill it’s a welcome sight of Holly and Rachel and – we keep seeing each other as we stop and start on the trail and had a quick drink with them at the Robin Hood Inn and official Trail Passport Stamp station an hour or so ago.

Great to meet fellow hikers and we really enjoyed chatting with these two. Like minded people with the same objective is a great recipe.

A few more hours hiking – passing “plane trees“ where the farsighted William Holden saved this part of the wall being used to build other buildings way back in 1801

And a fast march to meet up pick up for the night. Meeting at the George hotel in Chollerford- lovely village . Nice Inn – loads of character great site with views over the river – sat on Wicker furniture – but oddly run down – Faded Grandeur

Over the bridge …
The Tyne still broad . All still at sunset.

And a brief rest before Dave From the Simonsburn Tea rooms – our overnight stay –comes to pick us up from here to drive us to Simonsburn hamlet for the night. He’ll bring us back here tomorrow so we can re-join the trail where we left off.

Best bet of the day!

Spirits are high as Tom takes the part of the black king in full size chess! 😂😂😁💕

A warm welcome awaits in the guest house at Simonsburn – good company at dinner with all the guests talking and telling stories..

A brief check of the past two days activity — gives us motivation we can handle the more difficult parts ahead.

Until tomorrow x


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