Latin at the Metro

Hadrians Wall – Part 1

Today started at 5:30 AM and after some lengthy inter-railing ended up here. The start of the Hadrian’s Wall national path . As we’re hiking East to West seems a little odd starting at “Wallsend”

Only a short walk to Segedunum (Strong / Victory Fort ) and a very well funded visitor Center complete with A lecture theater in a glass tower and exceptional views of the archaeology.

The view over the old fort and it’s timeline captures our imagination . Edge of Empire !

And they do it with humor too – Ancient COVID regs’ – who knew 😏

From the Gormley legionnaire to the Roman helmet shaped tower- its a great start to our crossing of England.

The walk through Newcastle along the Tyne is dotted with Bars , Stag & Hen do’s , a strong cycle culture , famous bridges , and more Hints at History…..

Past the impressive Tyne rowing club – Balcony Bar – great views – cheap beer – Non members allowed -shame we can’t stop ! and on into Blaydon

Nobody tells you about the final mile Hill – seems endless at the end of a day on the road . Brilliant motivation from Thom – I needed it today as I had started this venture the way I would normally end one – The cumulative effect of the last few months I suppose. So to end up laughing and being physically pushed up the hill and over the finish line was perfect.

We’re ending our first day 25 km at Heddon-on-the-Wall . But staying 2 miles away in Wyram at the delightful Wormald guest house . Run by Jane and our first Ian of trip ! He picks us up from the 3 Tuns pub . It’s been an unusually tiring day – up at 5.30am , 6 hours to get to the start – before we even set foot on the trail. We both agree that overcoming the challenges was worth it .

Cheers !

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