Sycamore Gap to Lanercost Priory – Sept 28th

Somehow I had forgotten to mention the wonderful jewel in the wall. The immense Housesteads fort . The largest of it’s kind. Super detailed archaeology and easily trackable tour of all its buildings.
And never tired of Sycamore gap here’s a Panorama – A brief moment as the weather races left to right.

There’s not a lot of Photos today – it is one of the longer hikes at 31 km in very poor weather and you need to get your head down and just do it.

So much so this one stage has 3 elevation profiles. Never seen more than 1 !

Lunch ; sheltering at Birdoswald Roman Fort – nice visitor Centre – huge gift shop . They even sell complete Roman suits of Armor- £500 !

We took a short detour off the track to see the Poltross Burn Milecastle . The best preserved one of all of its type . Based on the measurements from this one castle – the dimensions of the whole of Hadrians wall – even the height were discovered here.

A short stop for authentic Roman Latté 😁

And loving Graffiti – 2 Millennia old . Just stuck on the wall of an old barn using pillaged stone from the Wall ! 😳

And on to our nights stop – 2 soggy hikers – with a warm welcome from the locals 😏😏

Past 2 days stats – these steps will soon add up !

Night from us – Heading for Carlisle tomorrow X

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