👑 Duke to King 👑

🍸Pub-licist🍺 – have you ever wondered what the title would be of someone who recommends good Pubs ? …….. No ? ……

Welcome to – The Thin White Duke http://www.thinwhiteduke.info

A Bar recommended to us by the world weary optimist who ran our B&B – Good Call .

A few Beers – top Tapas – 2 Razzmapolitans & 2 Daft Zombies later …… a few War Stories later, a tour of their cellars and we floated back to bed 😆

30th Sept – Stormy ☔️ Final Day – 6th day hiking . Last few hours heading to the farthest village on the West Coast . The Wall did go this far but being coastal plane and tidal marsh it was mainly earth embankment.

Flat doesn’t begin to describe it ….

If you look hard enough this no account , featureless flatland reveals its secrets ….. who knew that in the nearby Hamlet of Burgh a king had died ??!

… And not just any King ! Edward 1st – The cursed ‘Longshanks’ – Hammer of the Scots . Classic evil English Monarch in Braveheart 🎥. Off to attack the Scots ( again ) in 1307 – gets an ignominious end from Dysentery right here . Who knew ?

He should have known … the Romans couldn’t conquer the Scots – thats why they built a Wall ! and neither could he . it’s tough border country here ……

Even St Michaels is a rare Fort & Church in one!

On to our final destination- crossing into Bowness

and follow Hadrians way through the mosaic floored finishing hut ….

Where we get applause from a lovely group of tourists and this photo !!

And fellow finishers start to turn up too ….

We walk an extra 10 mins to find this iconic sign …. Knowing it’ll feel we’ve fully finished when we do ….

“All roads lead to Rome “

Our first Crossing of England – it’s been emotional

Our last 2 days stats ….. brings us to 188,770 steps over 6 days – we thought 200,000 for the trek so not far off .

This been a seriously strenuous but fun challenge- especially with my first born . The things you can see only a few hours from your house !!

Until next time …. Xxxxx

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