First Night Booked 😎

Yea – first night on the Mountain booked!

8 km outside of SJPP – it’ll be a busy day flying from Manchester to Southampton (wait 45 minutes) take off again – land in Biarritz….doc

Pause for breath

Catch a bus to the rail station – train to SJPP – arrive 4 PM short walk up the mountain to start my Camino seriously!


Here is my first Alberques . The Orisson refuge !

8 thoughts on “First Night Booked 😎

  1. I’ll miss you so much daddy!!!!!!!! This blog was a very good idea, so I know what your doing! Hope you will have an amazing time in Spain and France! Here is a bit of Spanish and French for you. First up èspanol. Hola miiamo Jessica. Mi compleanos es el de biente tres de Agusto. Now for French. Bonjour! Jèmapel Jessica! Mon anniversairre une van twa oot. I know none of that is spelt correctly but it is hello and my name in both languages. Now for some English. I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!

    Good luck Dada,


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