Cats , Cars , Saké & Kochi

Coming to an end of the parts of the 88 Temple route that we chose to take . Back to Tokyo after this .

Nothing can match the Temples for the real deal – but the enthusiasm, belief and joy shown by the people who shared the following with us makes them as much a part of this aspect of the journey .

Cats !

😁 An entire temple – Cats , 20,000 or more not on our track but the lady who ran our B&B so wanted to show us – it’s a matter of local pride – that she drove us there and gave us a tour 💕 .

…… and showed us the villages and valleys nearby …..

Saké Brewing

Ancient and super traditional. Modern and aspirational. Religious and Commercial. A “Gin Akin” Resurgence in Rinky Dink Renaissance Bottles.

Sold in Family Mart at 200 Yen – (£1.40p) and Ginza Six at 20,000 . Sparkling Saké , Cloudy Saké , Sweet Saké , Creamy Saké, or high end Gold Flecked , It’s Omnipresent 🤣

A wailing wall of colour saturated Saké barrels in a Tokyo Park – and a low tech brewery in Shikoku ……


The overnight stop in Kochi city before we fly back to Tokyo has 2 memories .


An Izakaya – I suppose is a type of informal Japanese Pub , casual places for after work drinking. A Japanese version of Irish pubs , Pinchos or Tapas bars.

The food – cheap , hot , fast , delicious- made in front of you – £0.70p to £2.00 a dish ✅

The stafffast and fun . We weren’t allowed beer until we had succeeded at playing the children’s game “Pop up Pirate”! 🤣🤣🤣

The longer we took , the more expensive the beer would be!…..Serious Panic 🍺😆🍺

A great night out !

Home of the Kochi Shoguns

Before we left – we read about one of the best preserved castles in Japan. It didn’t disappoint – beautiful – almost a cliche.

With complimentary Vertigo it’s main defender 😬


Tiny Boxy Emasculatronns , Chromed Magpie Mobiles , Silent Hybrid Spaceships. Next decades face of KWh over BHP ?

Clean ? Green ? Speed ? ….. Sure : These silent assassins are upon us . Touching the back of your knees before you knew.

Where to go in this temple of tech’ for a Breath of fresh air tinted with high octane sculpture. Just look at this thing of beauty ……. found at Nissan Crossing. Shibuya!!

Powering a Nissan GTR black edition – Yum! ……Now THIS is high art .

And if you find the Art analogy a little hard to follow …….. this engine is signed by the artist ! 🖋 All in a glass walled midtown cathedral and free to the converted ✅

…… and where else can you be thrown around in a VR race car , a rictus grin , sweaty Palms and then offered a placatory cappuccino with your face lasered into the foam !! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yes – an Odd town .

A bounce around Tokyo to follow ……. 😘

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