🎥 Brief Encounter 🎥

Days start was in the stylish understated Cycle Barn . My themed room ? – door shown below had a vast wetroom and thick stone barn walls . Who knew it would also end in stylish 1940’s nostalgia?

SURELY ! This has got to be my old Yellow Pages typestyle ?

Next door to Mont Ventoux – I asked to move from this room as after my day I want nothing with the word Mont ⛰ or French for Very Windy 🌬 in it 🤣

…. Following my tested Lakes Pub / Restaurant theme I was originally going to head to Cartmel to the Cavendish Arms. A favourite when we had a ‘van on the nearby Holker Hall site . But the Estuary coast won and so the days route took shape below …………

A welcome lack of elevation 😏

…..the last Crags of the Lakeland , behind in the distance as I headed south

… Takes me to my first stop – an early breakfast at Levens Hall – one of the more stylish caff’s on my tour ☺️

Through Milnthorpe the flatland opens up onto where the Kent Estuary joins Morecambe bay – and on a day like this it’s idyllic .

Heading into Arnside

…. and into an surprising coastal scene at Arnside with neat Edwardian Villas , self conscious galleries and “Dog Friendly” Spas . Paddle Boarders lazily drifting in the early Autumn sun – soooo Nice .

On the road out I spot a run down cottage with that warm Cornish country lane feel to it – running down to Silverdale beach.

The views from the back door – priceless

….. and on across the border – Cumbria and the Lakes now firmly behind me

Shortly after this I had a puncture- oh Joy 😕

… The cycle routes round here are fab – my route takes me on the Lancs Cycleway as I’m heading for a Stylish end to my day …

Head left for A Brief Encounter !

….and on to the 75th Anniversary of one of my favourite moody B&W romantic dramas .. made in 1945 … in who could have imagined it Carnforth , Lancashire !

It’s a strange thought that this enduring Noel Coward / David Lean movie was made in this obscure Northern town – but it had the right Victorian / Moody Steam rail station . Also there was a war on – they could hardly go on location 🎥

Moody AND Steamy 😏
Just moody –

– 2nd puncture 🙄

…. as I drag my punctured bike the last Mile ( no way was I taking the back wheel / gears etc off 10 mins away from getting the train ) when I could do it at home ! – It was a nice surprise that the bike got its own studio flat on the train 👍

All told it’s been a great few days – in a strange way the Exhaustion is Exhilarating .

It’s been fun posting this stuff and world willing – it won’t be too long until I fire up this Blog again .

Bye for now 👋

XxXx 🙂

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