Boadilla del Camino to Carrión de los Condes

We leave our Alberque with its quirky sculpture-

And within the first cold hour encountered a rainbow ……

A stunning sun rise over the Canal Palencia

Which appears to have little interest in pleasure craft as this is its end – a rare sight in such a dry land .

Nice Nose decoration / only been awake 30 mins look 👀

We move on past hundreds of these Camino Shell markers on which a roadside philosopher has added his own graffiti ……

Past the best named village –

To village after village with random sculptures placed unexpectedly in the streets , ……

The harsh realities of Camino life are shown here as last nights washing is air dried ” on the run ” …..

Socks and shirt on Backpack , under armour on your arms !! All V effective .

The endless wheat fields in background .

And 25k later into ………

And get a great last minute multi room on Booking. Com as all Alberques full!

The location of the G & T below is seen from our window – Bar Carmen no less !!

Major Gin-age … 😆

Dinner at Los Cortes as good and Simone as ever . Tonight the wine even has a label – bonus !


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