Midnight Bus to …….

….. ah well – it’s early evening – I’ve got 5 hours to go – it’s been a blast – so how to end it ? .

– this blog ? as it’s being followed by friends and family of several Caminista will carry through to see Santiago . Which sadly for me will have to wait until spring.

They’ll send me pics and facts – I’ll make the rest up – and post it – should be cool 😎

Pre match G&T as I wait – raises my game – the last quiet part of the evening.

We head for the Barrios – Humedo & Romantica either side of Calle Ancha – we heard it was all going on there . That street is amazing – almost a cliché for Spanish Friday night buzz – the excitement is palpable. Let’s go ….

Plaza Mayór – and ….. Welcome to the pleasure-dome 💃🏼

An attempt at a conversation with Rikke is unashamedly bombed by my favourite journalist- Miss H. McClure 🙃

A generous welcome from Lithuanias own Lorenzo – ( he’s happy for us to approximate his name which is , in reality , a top scrabble score )

He’s pleased with my appearance on his best mans speech video at last Saturdays wedding – and expresses it in a traditional way . This never happens to me ……

Sort of sets the tone early for the evening though ….. 😳

You’ve seen all these fabulous characters over the past 20 days and this is a great place to say farewell and “Buen Camino” – Love them all .

I expect to see them running their own countries at least in the next 20 years –

Find a way for peaceful prosperity ? ✅ Coexistence, across cultures ? ✅ -……….they’ve had great training .

It’s a feature of this ‘way’ that you find yourself part of a wave – Rolando – top man – came to find us with Reiner – so pleased – didn’t expect to see him – we just roar with laughter at each other and communicate effectively with 50 common words , hugs and punches – it’s remarkably effective .

We have a venue in mind which has been recommended to our Brigitta- and we leave slowly due to a million goodbyes to Europe and Scandinavia and head of to the renowned ‘El Patio’ – to say goodbye to South America. – the restaurant sounds a tad ( a bit ) ‘ 70’s but what a place – ……

Columbian Dentist Miriam , and Gloria plus friend . Join Chilean Rolando , Reiner and the 3 Musketeers ( well 9 Musketeers if you’re Carmen ) ” One for 3 and 3 for all” as a toast is as well meaning as it is confused 😆🤣😆🤣💋❤️ thx Carmen.

In a city backstreet , vine covered , 200 sitting , 300 standing – chaos – Peak Time – no reservation , El Patio manage to find room , chat , serve , pour – a great example of Can Do Hospitality .

I love these photos – we’re all starved and sociable – no one posing – fast talking , Reiner and Brigs behind the camera – the occasion is just ……….. memorable ❤️

As memorable as their lack of portion control ! This is one persons dish – huge Pasta , king prawn , Chorizo and crayfish with wafer thin , crisp , home cooked potatoes – it works though

Clocks ticking – have that Cinderella feeling as realise my Coach leaves in an hour – on the stroke of Midnight – too much ! 🤣 and hard to leave.

More goodbyes and race across town , to grab backpack – final team selfie at Hostal fails in a way that makes this one of my favourites as Carmen loses interest and wanders off ( she’s there in the distance 😆)

Big emotional goodbyes – gifts , hugs , lifelong loyalty sweared , speed me on my way – it’s just intense . 😢

And unreal …. as 30 mins later I’m in the traditional backpackers ‘posture of patience ‘ at the bus station as the Madrid bus pulls in .

Life distilled to ticket , picnic , pack , boots …….. 😢

Xxxxxxx to you all .


One thought on “Midnight Bus to …….

  1. Fantastic ending …..have missed the last few days but will back track and catch up. What a wonderful 20 days of adventure, testing yourself and probably hours of mindfulness and clear head thinking, definitely got me thinking about plucking up the courage to maybe achieve something like this one day …… WELL DONE 👊👍


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