⚔️ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿The Clansman Bar to Beinglas Farm 🥇⚽️

…… otherwise known Rowardenan to Inverarnen . Luckily we have the weather because this is the most treacherous path I’ve experienced –described to me by a local walker & resident ( Iain # 2 ) as “ The most unrewarding days hiking of my life of which I gained zero satisfaction“ 😆– say that to yourself in a gruff , droll Scottish accent and you’ll get the idea of the gravity of this goat track. Mind you he did it in horizontal driving rain and we did it in glorious sunshine.

Here’s the elevation- looks ok – BUT !

Even when it’s slightly cloudy the sunsets are just astonishing – Luke caught this one beautifully.

View from the garden of the Clansman bar – “no bad eh? “
The path range from extraordinary fern fringed levels
Which were a joy to walk on but unfortunately were 5% of the time
Through immense blockades that dwarfed us as we passed beneath recent storm damage

To steep crumbling rock tracks that would be more suitable for Particularly agile goats –

But in itself the ups and downs delivered stunning montages – it’s the land of water .
Pathside falls every 30 m flowing into Loch Lomond– ……

Thankfully as the day got hotter the path dipped towards little beaches by the Loch at least 100 times as it undulated up the track and back down again –

We stopped for lunch near the pub at Inverade– the only building near the water on this stretch with a great dedicated picnic spot – and the by now traditional judging of the packed lunch took place – with nothing still beating that on day number one from the marvellous Braeside B&B 👏

Another short break but turned into a long one – I’d like to blame young strider for this – however I’m just as bad.👍😘

As we moved on towards the end of the lake the land eventually started to become more rolling

Past abandoned cottages with the most marvellous views – I wonder what their story is that no one has swooped in and saved it?

And it’s great to see after passing several permissible wild camping sites – and free to use cottage mountain Bothies that you can still enjoy the countryside on a budget

Just a basic bunkhouse with one single raised sleeping platform for 22 and a fireplace .
Final ascent before this rolling view leading down to Beinglas farm and our destination for the night

A really nice lodge had been booked for us and we managed to bag a seat for the match

Being in the minority of supporters at this event 😜– I asked how many here we are supporting Denmark – and was told after all that Denmark was closer to where we were in London – which sounded like a fab ( almost) reason to not sing 3 lions 🤣 however the result spoke for itself in the end 👏👏⚽️⚽️🥇🥇🏆🏆🏆

A view from our lodge – after the match which we watched in the bar.

Was made quite surreal by those who couldn’t get a seat inside and watched it on an outside screen – Luke said it looked like ninjas fans – But the reality was the incredible calm way people deal with trillions of midges here.

Bizarre Scenes

A challenging day – and one Luke and I will never forget – ending with an early retreat to our quiet – and Midge free lodge.

Leaving the days score to look like this – the last Fitbit reading as it’s packed in – shame really as I enjoyed collecting the stats.


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