Remote Editing …. & Post Camino Separation Disorder 😳

Well I’m in England – but via Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and whatever means are available I get messages daily and still travel alongside.

My welcome home 🏠 was extraordinary, a tidal wave of children , Ciara , dogs , hugs , kisses , presents 🎁, adventure stories , Camino jokes , night out with friends , more stories and “you’ll never guessed what happened then ………..” etc along the lines of ………

Blade Runner – ……….. Inspired 😮

It really helps with the PCSD 😳 – it doesn’t take a genius to discover the antidote – keep walking ! …… And while you do it – go through the things you saw and the clarity of thought the 750, 000 steps gave.

My dogs are wondering what’s hit them , they get 8k before breakfast and 6k later on .

And again and again

The Internatiōnalè are asking – how are Brigitta and Carmen ?

Its tough to follow fully as they’ve put in some long days , updates not easy to acquire – but ….. the days in question are :-

Saturday 23rd

Sunday 24th

Monday 25th

Tuesday 26th

Weds 27th

I’ll jump to Monday 25th -I’ve got most material for that day – in this blog post – I’ll try to make it fractionally logical .

This is 25th Sept and on their way into the Mountains – looking good Girls !

Heading towards the end of a long stage and a climb up to 1500 metres to ‘base camp’ in Foncebadón .

The Climb , the views look amazing . The temperature lower , changing from the Meseta which officially ends at Astorga.

Carmen doing what she does best ………. care for everything / everyone / Cows 🐄 / the planet 🌍 …….. 😘

And Finally into Foncebadón – and after some discussion on where to stay between the 3 of us as I’m the only one with the ‘Wise Pilgrim’ app . They book into ….

Albergue Mont Irago – this looks more like a ski lodge from 40 years ago ! Same Vibe.

There’s even a fire! – You can sense the change in environment. Here is the happiest woman alive – when she has organised the wash line 🤣

The good natured , hippy , environment caring , mountain lodge vibe made this a real favourite place .

Great table , good company , chaotic room

And I hope the Veggy Paella 🥘 tasted as good as it looks ladies !

With a final word from this calm and welcoming place ……

That’s Monday 25th done and this post done for tonight . Big day tomorrow as a super long walk and THE exceptionally emotional day of Camino beckons ………. when most days contain some degree of heightened emotion on this adventure – you may understand later why Cruz de Ferro stands out ……….


One thought on “Remote Editing …. & Post Camino Separation Disorder 😳

  1. It must be hard to leave but wonderful to come back home to Ciara and the family …. it’s like a detox I suppose that you really don’t want to do, anyway see you both soon and I’m looking forward to sitting with a coffee in your kitchen listening first hand to the tales of your adventures


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