Farewell Castille and Hola ! Galicia ………

For those still travelling – Contributing today are Brigitta , Carmen with a cameo from Joss King ……. These days are the last of Castilla y Leon on the 26th & 27th , Galicia beckons on the 28th but there’s still two Castilian towns before that …….

The Road from Foncebadón past Cruz de Ferro has been tiring – the content of the day I suppose – more than the distance at 28k a day we accept as normal .

We see Ponferrada –

……. surprisingly interesting with its Templar Castle …… You can see our Camino marker in front ……

And a huge Plaza Mayor – deserted as the Heat reaches its peak as we arrive late afternoon .

Albergue Aléa will be my choice in April – still within budget at €10 , €8 for dinner 🥘 and €3 for Breaky!!


Heading for Villafranca Del Bierzo next morning …… and a happy coffee break –

Ha – 😆. Just noticed – Keeping Standards up on the Way ! …. you’re doing the ‘Pinky out’ – holding your little finger that way …… you’re so POSH

Past colourful bars

And churches recently restored in such a strong act of faith by the local community-

The Girls meet a fellow Pelegrínos great character – from Valencia – a place always close to Brigittas’ heart.

– And arrive in Villafranca Del Bierzo and we have been so lucky. The Albergue Leo is beautiful.

It’s a 400 year old house used as a private Albergue– lovingly restored by Leo and his family to 5 Star standards – far above many of those we have stayed in.


It’s the 28th – Thursday – the girls are heading to O’ Cebreiro and start to notice a change – 2 things ……

Autumn is starting to appear in the Bierzo Vineyards ……. very atmospheric photos Brigitta Maria ! ……… and such a change from when we left St Jean a month ago .

MorMor makes the rough track look easy

– Rumanian / Swedish Power Ranger 👊🏻 !! …….. but not surprising as she was once in the National Basketball 🏀 team for Rumania!

And we run into Johnny Boy – soon to be Joss – on the trail . Looking fit and well.

We are getting up to 1300 – 1400 metres again and the heat is intense ….

Too hot for dogs even ….

And DEFINITELY too hot at 1300 metres for these exhausted Pelegrínos – it’s a tough hike in these temperatures 😐

And finally reach ……. the ultimate region of this odyssey….. Galicia ! 👏🏽✌🏼🎉🎊🎉

The distance to Santiago becomes suddenly very real , what looked impossible – now achievable . 160k left !

And without naming the Alberque- after 26 nights of great food – we have the worst dinner . Oh well- it’s been a good run so far 🏃

Bring on tomorrow and who knows maybe a shorter 22 k walk to Triacastela ?


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